Engine Light

If your Land Rover’s check engine light on, you need to get to a dealer right away. There are many reasons why your engine light may be on. A yellow light signals that there’s a problem with the engine. If the light is red or flashing that indicates a more serious problem. The check engine light, whether flashing or solid, means that you need to either repair or replace your vehicle’s:

  • Oxygen sensor
  • Mass air flow sensor
  • Spark plugs and wire
  • Catalytic converter
  • Gas cap
  • Benefits of Check Engine Light Service

    The oxygen sensor determines the level of oxygen in your exhaust system. The mass airflow sensor determines the air to fuel ratio in the engine. Plug wires send a spark from the ignition coil to your spark plugs that ignites the air to fuel mixture inside your vehicle’s combustion chamber. A catalytic converter prevents carbon monoxide emissions by converting it into carbon dioxide. Your gas cap maintains steady pressure in the fuel tank, preventing hydrocarbon fumes from being released into the atmosphere. The benefits of getting immediate check engine light service include:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Better engine performance
  • Fewer emissions
  • Less damage to car parts
  • Damaged oxygen and air flow sensors can cause your car to lose up to 40% of its fuel economy. They can cause damage to your spark plugs and catalytic converter. Worn wires and damaged spark plugs reduce engine power. This leads to clogging in the catalytic converter and causes damage to sensors and ignition coils. A damaged catalytic converter allows harmful emissions to escape, so your vehicle might not pass the next emissions test. Any of these problems can cause your vehicle to run at a high temperature which reduces engine performance and fuel economy. The gas cap maintains the pressure in the fuel tank and prevents hydrocarbon fumes from being released into the environment.

    Certified Automotive Technicians

    Our skilled certified Land Rover technicians are the reason why we lead the world in 4 x 4 technology. We have one of the most comprehensive training and apprenticeship programs in the automotive industry. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, our technicians fully diagnose your vehicle’s electrical and mechanical systems. Your technician will make needed repairs, replace parts, and update your vehicle’s service record. Land Rover certified and master technicians provide the ultimate in customer care and satisfaction. When you get check engine light service at our dealership, you’ll get a full warranty on certified Land Rover service and parts.

    Only Quality Automotive Parts

    Our dealership only uses Land Rover Genuine Parts. Aftermarket parts may not fit correctly and may not perform according to manufacturer’s specifications. This could lead to additional repairs, void your original warranty, or decrease your vehicle’s trade-in or residual value. We’ll repair your vehicle with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts and you’ll be covered by the Land Rover’s parts warranty.

    Remember that your check engine light might mean that your vehicle is giving off excessive emissions or that your engine is not functioning properly. Prevent costly repairs and keep your vehicle safe. Come into our Land Rover dealership as soon as your check engine light comes on.