Welcome to the official homepage of your local San Diego Land Rover dealer. Land Rover produces vehicles that are industriously built to haul large families over all terrain. These luxurious vehicles exude class and express the quality of the engineering in every facet of form and function. Land Rover makes iconic cars with an ageless styling and attraction. The technology-packed interiors are beautiful, luxurious, and comfortable. Land Rover vehicles are built with reliable engines, all-wheel drive, and economical hybrid features to make them gentle on the environment. 

We have staff standing by to help you decide whether to lease or purchase a vehicle outright with financing. Leasing may be an ideal option for drivers who accumulate low mileage during the year and take exceptional care of their cars. You can save lots of money on lower monthly payments and lease the latest model when your contract expires. If you are looking for a long-term investment or accumulate too much wear and tear to make a lease practical, financing an outright purchase of the vehicle will probably work best for you. No matter what you choose, we will be there to assist you in procuring financing and in detailing the lease to your preferences. 

Purchasing a pre-owned Land Rover or one of the other makes and models traded into our inventory are probably the best options for anyone. Unless you have absolutely no time to worry about repairs and need the latest features and gadgets, you will drive away with a jaw-dropping deal if you buy a pre-owned vehicle. Many of these vehicles cannot even be distinguished from the brand-new models on our lots. The higher mileage is virtually meaningless on today's cars. Synthetic lubricants have almost eliminated wear and tear. The only trade-off is that you may need to perform more preventative maintenance a few years earlier to retain that like-new driving experience. 

When you need that preventative maintenance done in any of your vehicles, our expert technicians are the only team for your Land Rover. No other service center is invested in the specialized technical information and factory diagnostic tools that are necessary to make any qualified repair on these vehicles. Other service shops will give you guesstimates and ask you how much money you have to experiment with on your car when they run into a complex problem. Our team has all the experience, training, and tools necessary to give you actual answers and specific prices. Our technicians receive ongoing factory training from Land Rover to upgrade their skills as each new model rolls out. In most cases, we are also able to provide courtesy inspections that check for any other issues that require your immediate attention. 

We are looking forward to serving your Land Rover needs right here in sunny San Diego. Please feel free to fill out the contact form below if you are interested in receiving more information. Our customer care team is standing by to make your Land Rover experience sheer bliss.

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