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Welcome to your neighborhood Land Rover dealership in sunny San Diego. We offer you an all-star team of talent who know how to greet you and connect you with everything you desire, all in one deal. We carry an assortment of new and used vehicles that we feel are some of the hottest deals around. We are more concerned about the quality of the models that we sell and your long-term customer satisfaction than individual sale profits. This ensures a happy lifelong relationship between us and takes the burden off buyers to dodge lemons. Because we have so many hundreds of vehicles backed by factory warranties and a stellar reputation, you never have to worry about getting a bum deal.

Leasing vs Financing

When you are ready to make the move into that new Land Rover, you will come to the fork in the road where you choose between leasing and financing. Leasing a vehicle is a sound choice if you don't like to risk driving an after-warranty vehicle or simply like the idea of always having the latest models. Leasing is attractive because there may be lower down payments and monthly payments compared to financing. When you finance, however, you can usually squeeze many years out of the vehicle after the payments are finished without any major repairs. You get to add as many miles as you'd like a year instead of being limited to 15,000. So, either choice has its tradeoffs that can work for you or against you, depending on your lifestyle.

Extensive Used Inventory

When you are ready to plop down a lot of money on a vehicle, you want something that you know is not plagued with hidden problems. That is what makes shopping at our dealership so attractive. It is hard to find deeply discounted used vehicles with a solid warranty to ensure your safety and satisfaction. But, our Certified Pre-Owned program provides exactly that by thoroughly inspecting and reconditioning our used vehicles and fully backing them. Not only do we have a large number of SUV's, trucks, and compact cars, but we also provide you with a lot of options in one spot to help you quickly find something you really like. Dealing with disreputable private sellers, on the other hand, is always fraught with headaches and can be time-consuming.

Authorized Land Rover Service Center

No matter what type of repairs you may need on your Land Rover, our ASE-Certified factory-trained Land Rover technicians know how to solve your problems. They have exclusive tools, computers, and other factory resources which are simply not available to general repair shops. They know what types of issues are trending in your specific Land Rover model and can pinpoint the problem and solve it to save you a lot of time and money. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, you will void your factory warranty if you have aftermarket parts installed at a general repair shop that is not authorized to work on Land Rover vehicles. Our automotive service technicians only install Genuine Land Rover parts that are guaranteed to fit and backed by a factory warranty.

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