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Land Rover & Range Rover Oil Change Services in San Diego

Engine Oil 101

Engine oil is a cleaner, coolant, and a lubricant. Engine oil contains detergents that keep internal moving parts clean. As a lubricant, oil reduces friction and keeps your engine from overheating. Engine oil breaks down over time and loses its effectiveness. Automotive technicians recommend changing your oil every three months or 3,000 miles. But with newer engine technologies, high-performance synthetic oils, and depending on your driving habits, you may be able to go up to 5,000 miles between oil changes.

Four reasons you should get regular oil changes

You may wonder if it’s absolutely necessary to spend time and money getting your oil changed. Why does Land Rover recommend changing your oil regularly and what difference will it make? The benefits of regular oil changes are numerous. Here are the top four reasons you should get your oil changed regularly.

1. Improved Gas Mileage

Clean oil reduces deposits and friction that slow your engine down, sending you to the pump more often. Get regular oil changes for better fuel economy. You’ll love the higher MPG plus fewer fill-ups mean you’ll save money.

2. Helps Vehicles Pass Emissions Test

Dirty oil causes hydrocarbons to develop in the crankcase causing noxious emissions. Clean oil reduces harmful emissions. Your technician can detect other potential problems and repair them before your next emissions test. Regular oil change service saves you money and helps protect the environment.

3. Protects Vehicle Parts

Clean oil protects the vehicle’s moving parts. Engine oil lubricates the crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons. It lubricates cylinder walls allowing for better compression. It also lubricates the camshaft, the valve train, and exhaust valves. Regular oil changes keep your engine clean ensuring a smoother, quieter ride.

4. Lengthens Engine Life

Changing your oil and filter keeps dirt and debris from causing excessive engine wear and prevents engine breakdowns. An oil filter sifts out debris which, if left, may cause clogging and engine failure. Change your filter with every other oil change to ensure safe engine operation. Investing in regular oil changes and filter replacements is the best way to extend the life of your engine.

Certified Automotive Technicians

Land Rover’s Service Advisors are committed to providing unparalleled customer care and satisfaction. Our factory trained Master Technicians are experienced and continually training on numerous brands and products so that we can provide the best service possible. As a Land Rover dealer, we stand behind our quality with a warranty on our labor as well as parts.

Only Quality Automotive Parts

When you get your oil changed at your Land Rover dealership’s service department, you know you’re getting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement oil filters. You’ll get a high-quality filter that’s backed by the manufacturer’s assurance of quality.

For optimal performance and maximum engine life, your vehicle absolutely needs regular oil changes and filter replacements. Whether your vehicle is brand new or has over 100,000 miles, as part of routine maintenance, oil changes, and filter replacements improve gas mileage, reduce emissions, protect moving parts, and extend engine life. We’ll keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment today to help keep your vehicle at top performance. If you’re overdue for an oil change, stop by today and discover the difference that certified Land Rover service can make.


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